I decided to provide Christian life coaching services to those of you who are middle age and beyond, because there are so many life transitions, challenges, and opportunities. 

Why I'm a Christian Life Coach

About 10 years ago, I was sitting in my lounge chair recovering from a bad cold. My mind was wondering. I was looking out the window thinking about how Margaret and I talked about volunteering in some way to help people when we retired.


I then had my eyes closed, looking through the window of my imagination to what I thought my future would be.


Then it happened. It wasn't as dramatic as God speaking to Moses or any of the Old Testament prophets, but it certainly caught my attention.


A question broke into my train of thought. "Why are you waiting to help my hurting people?"

Shortly thereafter, I began volunteering at a church health ministry, and delivering for Meals on Wheels. A few years later, I volunteered to visit hospice patients.

The Lord wasn't finished with me. He wanted more. So I began acquiring the knowledge and credentials to begin helping his "hurting people" as a professional.

Today, I work as a Volunteer Coordinator and Spiritual Care Bereavement Coordinator for hospice at a major health care system, and continue to volunteer as I build my Christian life coaching practice. I am truly blessed.


About Your Christian Life Coach

I am a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach through the International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA-BCTC), affiliated with the American Association of Christian Counselors  (AACC).


  • Master in Divinity and a Masters of Christian Counseling

  • AACC certification in spiritual formation

  • Certified in grief counseling

  • Degrees in philosophy, psychology, journalism/communications

  • Independent ordained Christian minister

  • Fire Chaplain and Certified as a Community Chaplain

  • Professed Secular Franciscan


  Continuing education courses, including:

  • Life coaching and counseling psychology

  • Career coaching and wellness coaching

  • Healthy Relationship coaching

  • Caring for seniors

  • Advocacy for seniors

  • Alzheimer's and dementia

  • Grief and end-of-life care 

  • Crisis response and care management

  • Mental/personality disorders

  • Mental/disorder treatment protocols 

  • Healing affirmations and meditation

  • And many more 

Association of Biblical Counselors

Gary P. Goerk

Board Certified Christian

Life Coach

I'm a Certified Master Trainer of the Alzheimer's Association's habilitation curriculum, a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, the National Association of Christian Ministers, the Spiritual Care Association, and the Association of Biblical Counselors.

My work history has been a montage of experiences. It includes years in a steel mill, a couple in the corporate world, another few years as a regional sales manager on the road, hosting a Christian talk show, working as a newspaper reporter and editor, and over 30 years as an entrepreneur in advertising, web design, and travel agency businesses.

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