We explore who you are, discover your God-given purpose, and chart a path fulfilling that destiny. You will take control of your life to maximize personal, professional, and spiritual potential.

Here's How You Begin to Change Your Life


Once we agree to work together, we will explore and determine the appropriate coaching path to take. You, me, and God will make the three involved throughout the coaching process.


If we determine you're at the stage of your life where you have that gnawing feeling combining uncertainty about the meaning of your life accomplishments with anxiety about the future, we would start at the foundation. We would explore who you are today, discover your God-given purpose, and chart a path fulfilling that destiny. You will take control of your life to maximize personal and professional potential after learning who God uniquely purposed you to be.





Here's What You Can Expect to Experience


As your Christian life coach, I will walk with you as we:

  • Jump start your personal journey of self-discovery.

  • Listen together to God's calling through the Holy Spirit.

  • Advance your self-discovery through skilled questioning.  

  • Actively listen to your responses for useful revelations.

  • Review ways God prepared you--strengths, abilities, qualities, experiences, gifts.

  • Encourage you to explore your beliefs, values, passions, and dreams.

  • Identify obstacles, challenges, weaknesses, fears as you begin to overcome them.

  • Explore new opportunities, and revisit those you may have dismissed.

  • Motivate and encourage you when you get down or stuck.

  • Look ahead instead of focusing on past mistakes and roads not taken.

  • Explore ways to improve your health and focus on your overall wellness.

  • Define a vision and mission for your life and set  S.M.A.R.T. goals based.

  • Define and begin taking actions steps to accomplish those goals.

  • Keep you motivated, track your progress, and hold yourself accountable.

  • Celebrate your successes as your personal cheerleader.

  • Address transitions in the seasons of life, grief and loss, and career change.

  • Consider informed decisions regarding how you care for aging parents.

If we determine in your initial free consultation you face specific challenges or opportunities, I will customize my coaching track to meet your needs. Depending on how things progress, we could change direction. You will set the overall agenda througout the process, and help set the agenda for each session.


Specific areas of your life and influence we may explore and address could include your career and work, your health and wellness, care giving of your parents, end-of-life concerns, your grief journey, your spiritual life, and your Christian walk. 


You, Me, and God Together


Most importantly, whether or not you are Christian or a believer, I will be your prayer partner at each step of the way, offering prayer during sessions or in private, depending on your preferences.

Coaching Designed

To Meet Your Needs

Coaching Sessions

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