"As a Christian life coach, I believe Gary would help an individual work on reaching the goals and blessings that the Lord intended for that person."

When you engage my professional Christian life coaching services, you're investing in empowering yourself, regardless of your age or walk of life.

My Christian Life Coaching Packages


My Christian Life Coaching sessions will normally last between 40-45 minutes, depending on the agenda we agree upon for each session. The range gives us the flexibility to make sure we have efficient and productive sessions, and appropriately deal with unexpected issues that may arise.


Coaching can be done in person, by phone, by Skype, or by e-mail. We will agree upon these arrangements in your initial free consultation.


The packages are designed to provide you options as we discuss your individual needs, what you want to accomplish, and your budget. Consider the following as investments in your future. Other arrangements can be made based on your ability to pay.








Each package also includes three encouraging e-mails per week. Group sessions and customized seminar packages are available. Prepayment will be expected monthly by check or Pay Pal.

You may be asking, "How many sessions do I need?"

Obviously the answer depends upon your individual situation and motivation in the course of the coaching process. The general opinion in the life coaching field is that people generally accomplish what is needed in 8-16 sessions. Depending upon your priorities and progress, the coaching schedule could be adjusted to include more sessions per month or less if you are meeting your goals and can proceed independently.


Subsequent monthly and quarterly update sessions can also be arranged. The need for these and pricing will be determined when you have met your goals, and are ready to explore and experience your new future on your own.

6 Sessions over 2 Months = $360

12 Sessions over 4 Months = $630

18 Sessions over 6 Months = $810

Individual sessions: $75

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